20 Jul 2018

carpetWinter is an unfortunate time for everybody, what with temperatures plummeting and forcing entire cities to bundle up inside, but it is especially unbearable for those living farther north in the country. With the right home-buying decisions, however, you can guarantee a warm and cozy experience for your family while everyone else suffers and shivers in their homes. Here are three features your new northern home simply must have to keep you toasty and comfortable this winter.

  1. Heated bathroom floors: You won’t notice the absolute necessity of this design element until your city experiences record low temperatures and you’re just steeping, soaking wet, out of the shower. Your little piggies will never feel the chill of the storm outside as heat rises from beneath your feet, keeping the entire room at a balanced and cozy temperature — no more ice cold ankles with steamy ceilings.
  2. Double-pane windows: With the frequency of heavy snowstorms in the north, it pays to have windows that keep the cold out as much as they keep the heat in — literally. In addition to eliminating those bitter, drafty days where you could feel as much as hear the wind raging outside, double-pane windows save you money on heating costs — your system no longer needs to run itself ragged heating a house that is constantly leeching heat to the great outdoors due to poor insulation. These windows also have a space in between the panes that can be filled with a specific gas to reduce heat loss even further, and provide the added bonus of protecting against noise pollution.
  3. Carpets: Put carpets everywhere. Although hardwood flooring is beautiful and exceptionally popular (34% of Houzz survey respondents have hardwood in their homes), it simply isn’t practical if you’re living in a place that is positively frigid for most of the year. Authentic hardwood floors can make your toes feel like they’re going to fall off, even through layers of socks. Quality carpets, on the other hand, offer another form of insulation in your home and provide a comfortable barrier between your sensitive skin and the chilly floor. Some of the better quality carpets are also hypoallergenic and can feel like you’re walking on clouds.

If you’re looking to move up north, make sure your home is prepared to handle even the harshest of winters. Install these three features and every day will be as cozy and warm as the last.

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