29 Jan 2018

carpet vs hardwoodCarpet is one of the top choices for flooring across the country. Many people love how the different types of carpet feel so good on their feet after a long day. It’s often a toss-up between carpet and hardwood, but carpet usually wins. In fact, 44% of homeowners prefer carpet in their bedroom.

Since it is such a prized flooring option, making sure it remains in good condition should be a priority. There are many ways to keep your carpet clean at home so that it looks as crisp as the day it was installed. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Keep Up With Vacuuming
The first mistake that many people make is not keeping up with their weekly vacuuming. Cleaning your carpet every few days can really help pick up anything that has yet to sink into the material. It’s especially important to vacuum areas that see a lot of traffic. This includes areas by doors, hallways, and other entrances. Vacuuming will also prevent potential buildup.

Always Use a Clean Bag or Filter When Vacuuming
If your vacuum’s filter or bag is full, the machine won’t work as well. If the bag isn’t changed often enough, the vacuum won’t work at all. You may notice that you spend a lot of time vacuuming, but you don’t notice much of a payoff. If this is a problem in your household, inspect the bag or filter. Try replacing both and see if that makes a difference. You should always replace your filter and bag every three months to help keep your carpet in good shape.

Always Remove Shoes and Use a Doormat
Doormats are much more than just a cute accent piece for your home. They’re functional as well. Make sure anytime you or a guest enters your home, shoes are removed and left on the mat. This should be done before walking on the flooring or carpet. The easiest way to prevent a dirty carpet is to not let any dirt get on it in the first placez. A water absorbent doormat will make sure the rain or snow doesn’t get on your carpet, no matter how close the two are to each other. If you don’t have a doormat, take your shoes off before entering your home and bring them to a designated shoe storage location.

Carpet vs hardwood is often the major question when it comes to flooring. However, in the carpet vs hardwood debate, many people choose carpet. Quality carpet is cozy and can warm up an area instantly. To keep the flooring looking just like it did when you first got it, keep the tips listed above in mind.

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