16 Aug 2018

carpetCarpeting makes up 51% of the total flooring market in the United States. It lies quietly in our houses, unassumingly soaking in everything we let come across it. It gets vacuumed fairly often, maybe steam cleaned much less often. What lies beneath the surface of your carpet isn’t very pretty.

All types of carpet, whether a better quality carpet or not, attract grossness of all shapes and sizes. The trouble is, we’re predominantly worried about the grossness that’s sizeable enough for us to see. Dirt, dust, pet hair, and the like are plagues dealt with easily using a vacuum. More sinister microbes, less visible and invisible make their homes in your carpet over the years silently wreaking havoc. Here’ why you need your carpet cleaned professionally more often than you think.


Your carpet acts like a sponge much faster than you’ll be able to dab up a spill. Multiply this by the exponential amount of times any type of moisture settles into your carpeted areas and mold is in the perfect habitat. The worst part is that most mold goes unseen and undetected, festering until you’re left wondering about rogue smells or why your indoor atmosphere is funky.

Shoes off

Remember the sponge analogy. Everyone is guilty of leaving their shoes on in the house from time to time. When you’re walking around outside the house, you’re picking up innumerable things throughout your day. From parks, restaurants, sidewalks, bathroom floors, streets, offices, everywhere you walk, your shoes are picking up colonies of the unknown. When you track that into your house across your carpets, guess where those invisible beasts go? Think about that next time you lie down on your carpet.


Your dogs and cats are cute, but they’re guilty culprits when it comes to tracking around carpet bound germs. They don’t have shoes to take off, so when your cat comes out of the litter box and trolls around the house or your dog trounces around the dog park then comes home, they’re bringing microbial intruders with them.

You’ll never be able to fully stop germs from entering your home. You are able to keep tabs of them by routine cleaning and preventative maintenance. Keeping your own carpets vacuumed and pristine is excellent practice, but a professional deep cleaning is key every now and then. It might look nice, but if the last time it was cleaned was carpet installation, you’d best get that appointment booked.